Aerospace-Developed Independent Liftoff Acoustic Environments for Ares I

Corporate Staff
posted November 30, 2012


NASA developed two liftoff acoustic environments for the Ares 1 vehicle using Saturn V and space shuttle SRB measured data. The second prediction in 2008 yielded substantially higher acoustic levels than the initial prediction of 2007.

Value Added:

NASA requested that Aerospace provide an independent prediction for comparison. Using flight data from the Atlas V, Delta IV, and Titan IV launch vehicles, Aerospace independently derived the external liftoff acoustic environment for the entire Ares 1 stack, including the Orion and upper-stage vehicles, generating acoustic profiles for 18 zones/subzones in all. The Aerospace analysis, using different methodology, data, and scaling factors, yielded an overall sound pressure level plot very similar to the more recent (and more severe) NASA prediction. Aerospace presented the results to NASA at the Constellation Program Systems Engineering Control Board at Johnson Space Center on April 16, 2009.