Aerospace is Key Contributor to FBI’s Successful Deployment of First Sentinel Production Maintenance Build

Corporate Staff
posted November 30, 2012


Sentinel is the FBI’s multimillion-dollar program to computerize investigative information and create a web-based investigative case management system to replace the antiquated Automated Case Support (ACS) system. The Sentinel project was launched in 2005 after the bureau had given up on its Virtual Case File system. The FBI intended that Sentinel, when fully implemented, would provide FBI agents and analysts with a user-friendly, web-based electronic case management system that would give them the ability to manage evidence and automate the document review and approval process. Additionally, Sentinel was designed to be the official FBI records repository and provide users with expanded search capabilities, enhancing agents’ ability to link cases with similar information. The FBI’s plan is to migrate all data from ACS to Sentinel and eventually retire ACS. The FBI’s Sentinel case management system expects to meet initial operating capability by summer 2011.

Value Added:

Aerospace was a key contributor to the successful deployment of the first Sentinel production maintenance build. Aerospace assisted in addressing and closing over 100 deficiency reports (DRs) for the period covering Nov. 1, 2010, through Jan. 31, 2011. Most importantly, this build closed out all 11 of the segment completion priority two DRs. Aerospace was also responsible for establishing a test and preproduction environment for Agile Sentinel.