Aerospace Named Point of Contact for Transition from Shuttle to Constellation Workforce Issues

Corporate Staff
posted November 30, 2012


NASA has been preparing for space shuttle retirement since 2004, including ongoing activities to facilitate transition of both key NASA civil service employees and contractor employees to other programs. NASA created the Space Shuttle Transition Liaison Office to better facilitate and coordinate these efforts. The proposed changes to the human spaceflight program have had an impact on civil service and contractor workforce planning. While NASA did not foresee reductions to the civil service workforce, the nature of the work done by the civil service workforce changed. NASA made program assignments across the centers for new or extended activities proposed, helping to clarify the work opportunities for contractors under the proposed portfolio and preparing NASA to execute the work content.

Value Added:

The NASA Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (ESMD) identified Aerospace as the point-of-contact for NASA and contractor workforce issues related to the Transition from Shuttle to the Constellation Program. Aerospace supported NASA and ESMD in its extensive activities related to transitioning from the near Earth orbit human spaceflight shuttle launch vehicle system to the beyond Earth orbit Constellation system of launch vehicles, spacecraft, and extraterrestrial landers. Aerospace worked with ESMD staff to prepare the first in a series of six-month interval reports to Congress, required under Public Law 110, on strategy, plans, and progress in the transition process. Sections of this report were used to develop talking points for NASA Administrator Mike Griffin before members of Congress and for NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale in a meeting with Brevard County, FL, political and business leaders to address the economic impact to the Kennedy Space Center region of influence as a result of terminating shuttle launches in 2011.