Aerospace Provides Independent Assessment to NASA Kennedy Space Center Safety and Mission Assurance for all NASA Launch Services Contracted Launch Vehicles

Corporate Staff
posted November 30, 2012


Aerospace provides weekly reports to NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Safety and Mission Assurance (S&MA) that include notes and assessments for contractor reviews (engineering review boards, anomaly review boards, and mission milestone reviews), as well as developments in ongoing failure analyses, production, design, and qualification. NASA launch services (NLS) contracted launches use a variety of launch vehicles including Pegasus XL, Taurus XL, Delta II, and Atlas V. To date, there has not been a NLS-contracted Delta IV launch; however, NASA KSC and The Aerospace Corporation supported the GOES-O and GOES-N launches on Delta IV M+4,2s in advisory roles to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). Aerospace also provides day-of-launch (DOL) support using its STARS facility.

Value Added:

Aerospace leverages its expertise developed in support of a variety of customers, who use these same launch vehicles, to provide NASA KSC S&MA a product that includes information mined from a variety of sources to supplement work funded directly by NASA. This broad perspective and information sharing allows the NASA job order (JO) funding efforts to complement the work already being done for other customers by focusing the additional efforts on the issues of greatest interest to the NASA customer. Since the information sharing is moving in both directions, the NASA JO produces information and reports useful to other organizations and customers. In addition to the weekly reports and DOL support, Aerospace provides white papers and position papers useful for risk assessment as well as editorial comments on the NASA KSC S&MA safety readiness review, which is presented by NASA KSC S&MA to NASA HQ Safety.

2011 NLS-Contracted launches supported by Aerospace include:

  1. March 5, 2011, Taurus XL Glory from VAFB SLC 576-E
  2. June 10, 2011, Delta II Aquarius from VAFB SLC-2
  3. Aug. 5, 2011, Atlas V AV-029 Juno from CCAFS SLC-41
  4. Sept. 10, 2011, Delta II Heavy GRAIL from CCAFS SLC-17B
  5. Oct. 28, 2011, Delta II NPP from VAFB SLC-2
  6. Nov. 25, 2011, ILC Atlas V AV-028 MSL from CCAFS SLC-41