Technology Roadmap Support to the National Research Council (NRC)

Corporate Staff
posted November 30, 2012


NASA’s Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT) has drafted a set of 14 Space Technology Area Roadmaps as an initial point of departure for mapping NASA’s future investments in new technologies for space missions. These roadmaps include various areas such as launch propulsion systems, robotics and autonomy, nanotechnology, as well as entry, descent, and landing systems. OCT asked the NRC to solicit additional input from industry and academia and rank the individual items for each roadmap in regards to potential value to NASA. NRC in turn has asked Aerospace to help with the evaluation.

Value Added:

Aerospace assisted NRC in preparing a request for information to solicit input from the scientific and technical community, preparing for and running workshops to discuss each roadmap, and developing the criteria used to rank technologies. Aerospace assembled a distinguished group of more than two dozen Aerospace subject matter experts (SMEs) and systems engineers (SEs) to provide technical support to NRC. This group of Aerospace SMEs and SEs provided a wealth of experience covering all 14 areas. Aerospace contributed significantly to the NRC effort, and came away with insight into new technologies that can potentially benefit Department of Defense missions.