Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a merger of business and community that works to improve the society that both share. The Aerospace Corporation’s leadership and employees have been committed to CSR since the company’s founding in 1960, with employees consistently contributing time and money to educational. social, and environmental programs.

Affinity Groups

Originally, Aerospace established affinity groups to expand corporate cultural awareness, enhance career development opportunities, and promote diversity in the workplace. Today Aerospace affinity groups provide leadership support to Aerospace in the areas of professional development, diversity awareness, community outreach, and diversity recruitment.

Aerospace has eight affinity groups with active membership in four states. These groups consist of the American-Indian and Alaskan-Native Council, Aerospace Asian Pacific American Association, Aerospace Black Caucus, Aerospace Lambda Alliance, Aerospace Women’s Committee, Aerospace Military Veterans, Aerospace Totally Adaptable Group, and Aerospace Latino Members Association, all of which actively represent their constituencies at Aerospace. The lead officers of each affinity group are members of the Aerospace Diversity Action Committee.

A few examples of affinity group activities include organizing and presenting cultural awareness activities, educational/career developmental programs, and programs of general interest in Aerospace employees; sponsoring and presenting programs that enhance advancement opportunities for Aerospace employees; participating in recruitment efforts and community outreach activities; and advising management of diversity-related concerns and recommendations.

Green Initiative

Aerospace’s many green initiatives include significant improvements to its operations and facilities, with a focus on the environment, energy efficiency, sustainability, and streamlined budgetary choices.

At the Chantilly, VA, campus, special attention to Earth-friendly measures were undertaken, culminating in Aerospace achieving an overall 14-percent energy reduction as well as a reduction in water consumption via use of recycled water for irrigation. Aerospace is also dedicated to environmental conservation, as evidenced by the corporation”s focus on limited encroachment into protected areas, steam restoration, planting of native grasses, incorporation of rain gardens, and dedicated support for a private conservation area.

Holiday Food and Gift Drive

The Holiday Food and Gift Drive began in 1991, and provides food for families and gifts for children who have few or no luxuries. There are currently 10 non-profit agencies that benefit from the annual drive.

2012 Beneficiaries:

  • Masada Foster Care Facility, Gardena, CA
  • Portals, Downtown Los Angeles, CA
  • Trinity Foster Care Facility, Long Beach, CA
  • Richstone Family Center, Hawthorne, CA
  • Shields for Families, Long Beach, CA
  • Aviva Family and Children’s Services, Los Angeles, CA
  • Los Angeles Childrens Hospital (Teddy Bear Program)
  • The Salvation Army, Redondo Beach, Serving the South Bay
  • Crittenton Services for Children, Fullerton, CA (New Agency)
  • Airman Family & Readiness Center, LAAFB, El Segundo, CA

Join us in providing happiness and joy to hundreds of children, and relief for families at holiday time.

Clothes the Deal

Aerospace employees have been commended for their generosity to the community through Clothes the Deal, a nonprofit organization that provides clothing for low-income individuals seeking employment.

For the past nine years, the Aerospace Women’s Committee has held a clothing drive during Women’s Week in August, in which 500 to 600 articles of new and slightly used clothing items are donated to those who do not have the means to purchase professional attire to wear on a job interview. In addition to clothing, accessories such as dress shoes, handbags, belts, scarves, watches, and jewelry are collected and distributed.

The 2012 drive exceeded the typical average of 600 items, with more than 1,500 collected.

Aerospace Diversity Action Committee Leadership Conference

The Aerospace Diversity Action Committee Leadership Conference provides affinity group leaders with process and business tools for leading a volunteer organization.

The objective of ADAC is to assist Aerospace in meeting its equal employment opportunity (EEO) and affirmative action program (AAP) commitments by providing an open forum for the discussion and development of EEO and AAP policies and diversity programs by representatives of Aerospace’s diverse population.

Aerospace held its second Affinity Group Leadership Conference on Aug. 28, 2012. Chaired by National Systems Group Vice President Bernard Chau, the leadership orientation included more than 35 participants and seven presenters.

Harvey Mudd College – Capstone Projects

By participating in the Corporate University Affiliates Program, Aerospace enthusiastically gives back to the nation’s educational system by providing Harvey Mudd College with guidance on curriculum, strategic and succession planning, and program development, as well as by encouraging underrepresented groups to succeed in math and science.

Over the years, Aerospace has sponsored dozens of technical capstone projects in which student teams are encouraged to take on technical challenges that support our mission and our STEM outreach objectives.

In 2012, Aerospace empowered the student team to contribute to the emerging cyber challenge by asking them to help in securing a wireless Android device against cyber threats, a feat that the students successfully accomplished.