Corporate Social Responsibility

Investing in the Community through Diversity, Social, and Environmental Programs

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a merger of business and community that works to improve the society that both share. The Aerospace Corporation’s leadership and employees have been committed to CSR since the company’s founding in 1960, with employees consistently contributing time and money to diversity, social, and environmental programs.

Affinity Groups

Aerospace affinity groups provide leadership support in the areas of professional development, diversity awareness, community outreach, and diversity recruitment. Aerospace currently has eight affinity groups, all of which actively represent their constituencies at Aerospace:

  • The American-Indian and Alaskan-Native Council
  • Aerospace Asian Pacific American Association
  • Aerospace Black Caucus
  • Aerospace Lambda Alliance
  • Aerospace Women’s Committee
  • Aerospace Military Veterans
  • Aerospace Totally Adaptable Group
  • Aerospace Latino Members Association

The lead officers of each affinity group are members of the Aerospace Diversity Action Committee.

Aerospace Diversity Action Committee (ADAC)

ADAC capitalizes on the strengths and capabilities of a diverse workforce. By understanding the needs of our stakeholders, ADAC enables the attraction, management, and retention of a diverse employee population to support a dynamic and global business environment. A key part of this strategy is to design outreach and recruitment initiatives that keep us an employer of choice. ADAC assists Aerospace in meeting our commitment to inclusion and diversity by way of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action programs.

Holiday Food and Gift Drive

The Holiday Food and Gift Drive provides food for families and gifts for children who have few or no luxuries. There are currently a variety of nonprofit agencies that benefit from the annual drive.

Youth Internships

Aerospace participates in an internship program for inner-city youth, sponsored by the Constitutional Rights Foundation. High school students are afforded the opportunity for hands-on experience and mentoring that can help them realize the wide variety of career possibilities ahead. Aerospace interns have emerged from the program energized, motivated, confident, determined, and prepared to make a better life for themselves.

Green Initiative

Aerospace’s many green initiatives include significant improvements to its operations and facilities, with a focus on the environment, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Aerospace’s Chantilly campus, for example, achieves high energy efficiency and integrates with natural surroundings in an environmentally responsible way. Green-certified materials and designs further illustrate how Aerospace is committed to reducing its environmental impact and protecting the surrounding natural preserve.

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