Our History

For more than 50 years, The Aerospace Corporation has operated the nation’s federally funded research and development center for national security space. As the engineering arm of the United States Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center, Aerospace provides objective scientific evaluation and analysis.  

Aerospace’s Founding

Aerospace traces its roots to the beginning of the space age, when landing on the moon was a distant but exciting possibility and mastery of space was seen as a huge strategic asset in the conflict with the Soviet Union. Space promised adventure and held great potential, but how to reach space, how to capitalize on the possibilities it offered, and how to develop and manage the country’s space and missile activities presented a distinct set of technical challenges to the Air Force and other government agencies involved in this fledgling industry.

After concerns were raised about the potential for conflicts of interest between contractors and the Air Force, Congress formed the Millikan committee to study the Air Force’s approach to missile and space systems work. The committee recommended the formation of a noncompetitive organization committed to providing objective, unbiased technical assistance to the Air Force. On June 3, 1960, The Aerospace Corporation was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under California law.

Since then, Aerospace has provided independent technical and scientific research, development, and advisory services to government and civil customers with the aim of assuring 100-percent mission success.

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Aerospace is uniquely positioned to bring its immense catalogue of technical expertise and its decades of experience to bear on today’s most exciting and challenging problems. As a steward of our nation’s scientific and engineering expertise, the corporation continues its tradition of providing exceptional support to the Air Force and other government and civilian partners on a wide range of innovative projects.