Corporate Leadership

Aerospace’s Board of Trustees consists of prominent individuals from the business, scientific, academic, and public-service sectors. The board elects members of the Executive Council and sets policy while supervising and directing the general management of the corporation. Corporate powers are exercised under its authority, as outlined in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

From its inception, the board has established and maintained stringent conflict-of-interest standards for its members and for the corporation’s officers and employees. Trustees are elected to three-year terms. Reelection is possible, but no member other than the president and chief executive officer of the corporation, who is elected annually by the board and is an ex officio member, may serve more than three consecutive terms.

The Executive Council members collectively represent our company’s diverse range of skills, perspectives, and organizations. In conjunction with the board, Aerospace’s executive officers oversee and are ultimately responsible for our economic, environmental, and social performance.Within compliance of the law and various codes of conduct, the executive officers focus on assuring 100-percent mission success.

Corporate Organizational Chart (pdf)