Launch Certification | Mission Assurance

Providing Comprehensive Engineering Support for Space Launches

The Aerospace Corporation is dedicated to mission success and provides a team of experts for each launch who provide comprehensive engineering support and launch certification to ensure that each payload is successfully deployed.

Missions that have gone through Aerospace launch certification show a significant improvement in reliability, vital in the critical and unforgiving business of space.

Launch certification begins with defining the basic requirements needed for any launch, plus those specific requirements for each particular mission. Aerospace helps define the requirements, from bolt patterns to special handling to orbit determination. Throughout launch certification, Aerospace ensures that the launch vehicle meets all requirements, and reviews the actual hardware before, during, and after assembly.

Before a launch, Aerospace plays a key role in providing independent verification and validation of contractor tests. These tests include analyses of loads, propulsion, slosh, controls, software, space debris, and collision, among others.

As the launch vehicle is being prepared at the launch site, Aerospace participates in many of the critical activities, providing another set of eyes to ensure that processes are completed correctly. Aerospace also works with contractors to identify and solve any problems that arise.

On the day of launch, Aerospace is present every step of the way, monitoring the activities both from the launch site and remotely via its Spacelift Telemetry Acquisition and Reporting System facility in El Segundo, California. Data collected during and after a launch is reviewed in detail and used to ensure future mission success.

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