Launch System Design

Launch Support

The Aerospace Corporation provides comprehensive engineering support to the development and application of launch systems — from system inception through development and flight operations. Multidisciplinary expert teams, supported by four major technical facilities, provide evaluation and analysis in all technical areas involved with launch systems.

Guidance and Control
  • Attitude determination and control
  • Booster guidance, control, and navigation
  • Control sensors, actuators, and electronics
  • Advanced guidance and control technologies
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) applications
Electrical Systems
  • Battery and power systems
  • Parts, materials, and processes
  • Digital and integrated circuits
Vehicle Performance
  • Flight mechanics and trajectory optimization
  • Fluid mechanics and aerodynamics
  • Thermal analysis and thermodynamics
  • Solid rocket motor and liquid propulsion systems
Structural Mechanics
  • Structural dynamics analysis and testing
  • Thermostructural technologies
  • Advanced structural technologies
  • Mechanical systems and component evaluations
  • Ordnance device analysis and application
Vehicle Environments
  • Acoustics, vibration, and shock
  • Contamination control and analysis
  • Electromagnetic compatibility and interference
Flight and Ground Software
  • Requirements flowdown
  • Software validation
  • Realtime “hardware in the loop” simulation