Systems Development and Acquisition

Supporting Our Customers in All Phases of the Acquisition Cycle

The Aerospace Corporation’s customers pursue complex projects that can take many years to complete, due both to technical challenges as well as the government’s rigorous acquisition process. Aerospace supports customers in all phases of the acquisition cycle, starting with early concept exploration and proceeding through development, deployment, and operations.

During the early acquisition phases, our engineers and scientists assess the need for new and/or follow-on capabilities, use state-of-the-art tools to analyze alternative options, and work with customers to capture robust technical requirements in preparation for requests-for-proposals to industry. In the technology development phase, we evaluate proposals, assist in developing contract vehicles, and develop key documentation, capturing system specifications and interfaces. During engineering and manufacturing development, we provide independent verification and validation to evaluate engineering designs, software, and hardware. We assist with any failures and root cause analysis, and provide our customers with impartial advice on the health of the program.

As a project approaches production and deployment, we validate and verify all systems. Prior to launch, our support teams check each subsystem and then scrupulously test the system after integration. We remain a critical contributor during operations and sustainment, and have helped to keep many mission-critical assets working well beyond their design life.

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