System of Systems Engineering

greater capability, greater resilience, and reduced cost through Systems Engineering

Systems engineering designs, studies, simulates, and implements the interconnections and interactivity of the many systems and subsystems necessary for a space-based asset to survive its intended environment and perform its functions flawlessly, every time, year after year, with no possibility of maintenance or repair.

The Aerospace Corporation has been a leader in ensuring space mission success through the application of systems engineering practices for more than 55 years. Aerospace has been involved in the development and deployment of every U.S. space system since 1960. Our experience in national security and civilian and commercial space endeavors, our accumulated expertise, and our knowledge gleaned from lessons learned are second to none.

Application of systems engineering practices early in the acquisition process ensures that new space systems will be able to meet the triple requirements of greater capability, greater resilience, and reduced cost. Aerospace is the acknowledged leader in such practices. Our emphasis on undertaking systems engineering early in a new space system allows for:

  • identification and application of innovative techniques to achieve success, as diverse approaches are far easier to identify and work early in the acquisition process, before commitments to specific processes are too far along to easily change.
  • faster detection of potential anomalies or problem areas, reducing the cost for correction or redesign.
  • guaranteed reflection of and adherence to the latest, most up-to-date best practices and lessons learned.

Aerospace’s renowned abilities in systems engineering are a reflection of our experience, our expert personnel, and our unique organization.

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