Technology Application

Applying Innovative Technology to Benefit Our Customers

The Aerospace Corporation’s technical staff encompasses world-recognized experts in their disciplines. Our talented workforce remains at the forefront of technology and science, applying the latest technological advances and innovation to benefit our customers.

The Aerospace staff developed a powerful new architecture analysis tool, called the System of Systems Architecture Tool (SOSAT), and applied it to a customer geospatial intelligence-collection study of high interest to the Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, and the U.S. Congress to help inform a multibillion-dollar investment decision, leading the tradespace exploration for a future space-based intelligence collection architecture.

Aerospace staff also designed and built the AeroCube-6 CubeSats, launched on a Dnepr rocket from Yasny Launch Base in Russia, which will increase the technology readiness level for a future dosimeter payload and provide a pathfinder for microdosimeter chipsets designed to meet the emerging requirements for measuring space radiation dosage.

Aerospace scientists continue improving the efficiencies of batteries, solar cells, and other space system components, resulting in more options for our customers when creating future architectures of space systems, which may include longer-lasting satellites.

The application of Aerospace technology and expertise helps our customers solve complex challenges, improve existing systems, and even create new systems, ensuring mission success.

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