Andrea G Hsu Schouten with SmallSatFEATURED EMPLOYEE

Andrea Hsu-Schouten


“At Aerospace I have some wonderful mentors who’ve taken the time to share their experiences with me and offer opportunities to transfer my skills outside of a focused discipline. I am encouraged to use and adapt my area of expertise in chemistry and laser technology to benefit CubeSat missions as the propulsion lead.”


Applying Unique Perspectives in the Workplace and the Arts

Trying new things is second nature for Dr. Andrea Hsu Schouten, senior member of the technical staff, Propulsion Science Department, Space Materials Lab, Engineering and Technology Group.

Whether it’s the opportunity to apply her training in chemistry and chemical engineering to new technical areas or identifying the logistics needs for one of the corporation’s research facilities, it’s all about exploring the boundaries to create something new or improved.
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