Rico Espindola


“The biggest benefit of working at Aerospace is being able to team with many technical experts willing to mentor their colleagues to solve the nation’s most challenging issues. I pass on this tradition by sharing STEM career possibilities with students on the reservation where I grew up; it’s gratifying to help inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.”

From Pueblo to Supporting Our Nation’s Most Critical Missions

Whether it’s seeking the expertise of a particular colleague to solve a mission-critical issue or leadership advice from those who have gone before him, Ricardo “Rico” Espindola, systems director, Advanced Systems and Development Directorate, Strategic Space Operations, Systems Planning, Engineering, and Quality, says his career at Aerospace continues to be a challenge he enjoys.

Rico joined Aerospace in 2007 as a project engineer and, for him, it was a major turning point in his career. “I had some prior experience as a contractor for a technical company in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the experience I gained as a systems engineer and program manager in the space and missile industry proved to be valuable for my position here. It helped me understand the different perspectives involved in any major program and that, in turn, helps when working key issues.”                                                                                Read More…