Aerospace offers a competitive benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance and disability plans, company-paid retirement plans, and annuity account programs.

9/80 Work Schedule  Most full-time employees have the option of a 9/80 work schedule. Eighty hours are worked over eight nine-hour days and one eight-hour day, with every other Friday off.

Holidays and Vacation  Full-time employees receive eight paid holidays a year in addition to vacation and sick time. Aerospace offers 15 vacation days a year for the first 5 years, and 20 days a year thereafter.

Corporate Recognition Awards Each year, the corporation celebrates its commitment to excellence by recognizing individuals and teams who have demonstrated excellence exceeding expectations.

Aerospace Employees’ Association  The employees association supports approximately 40 diverse clubs and associations. Employees are invited to participate in a range of extracurricular activities.

Expectant Parent Program  The expectant parent program offers resources such as noontime workshops and lactation rooms for nursing mothers. Individual counseling with a registered nurse/lactation counselor is available onsite at our corporate offices by appointment and by phone.

Childcare, Eldercare — Aerospace offers a nationwide program that provides childcare and eldercare resources and referral services to all regular full- and part-time employees.

Employee Assistance Program  The Aerospace Employee Assistance Program is designed to help employees obtain counseling and rehabilitation assistance for substance abuse or other personal needs. Employees may receive up to five free visits a year with a counselor. A counselor is also available onsite at our headquarters by appointment.

Employee Wellness Program — Aerospace sponsors a wellness program to encourage healthy lifestyles and long-term improvements in health habits. Lunchtime seminars on a variety of topics are offered throughout the year.

Gym Facilities — Employees at our corporate offices have access to extensive gym and fitness facilities that include weight rooms and fitness machines, basketball and volleyball courts, saunas, aerobics, and more.

Career Development — Intellectual capital is The Aerospace Corporation’s key asset. We invest substantially in employee education and career development in the scientific, technical, and administrative areas. Investing in the careers of our employees is instrumental to our success in meeting the challenges inherent in developing the next generation of space systems.

Educational Assistance — Graduate and undergraduate tuition reimbursement as well as graduate fellowships and study assignments are available to eligible employees.

The Aerospace Institute — The Aerospace Institute supports our commitment to world leadership in space technology, offering a full range of technical, professional, and management courses.

Library and Information Resource Center — The Library and Information Resources Center’s extensive print and electronic collections are carefully selected to support corporate activities, with principal emphasis on aerospace technology, physical and applied sciences, systems engineering, and business management.

The Aerospace Federal Credit Union — The credit union is located on-site at our headquarters in El Segundo, but is available to all employees for savings deposits and low-interest loans.

Commuter Services — Aerospace is recognized as a commuter-choice employer for innovative employee programs and resources. Employees receive information on carpool and vanpool assistance, public transportation, and bicycling services.

On-Site Dining — Two employee cafeterias in El Segundo are open for breakfast and lunch.