Aerospace Highlights

Aerospace Experience Benefits Iridium Next

Posted October 21, 2013

From the very beginning, Aerospace has been involved in the meticulous planning and development of the Iridium Next constellation.  More »

Austin Urges Fifth Graders to Study Hard and Go to College

Posted October 01, 2013

Dr. Wanda Austin spent a morning in Los Angeles with fifth-grade students during the History Makers back-to-school event.  More »

Eight Win Highest Company Achievement Honors

Posted September 19, 2013

Eight employees were presented with Aerospace’s highest honors at the 34th annual President’s and Trustees’ Distinguished Achievement Awards ceremony.  More »

Atlas V Boosts Third AEHF to Orbit

Posted September 18, 2013

An Atlas V rocket boosted the third Advanced Extremely High Frequency military communications satellite to orbit on Wednesday morning, Sept. 18.  More »

Aerospace Plays Major Role in NASA’s LADEE Mission

Posted September 16, 2013

The inaugural launch of Orbital Sciences’ Minotaur V rocket on Sept. 6 carried the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft, a mission Aerospace has been supporting for NASA over the past five years.  More »

Lightning Research Triggers NASA and DOD Interest

Posted September 10, 2013

The DOD and NASA like new guidelines developed by Aerospace about avoiding lightning during launches.  More »

In-house Telescope Provides New Capabilities

Posted September 04, 2013

A handful of scientists and engineers within the Remote Sensing Department needed a telescope with multiple capabilities, and close at hand. So, they built one.  More »

Delta IV Heavy Launches in California

Posted August 29, 2013

The world’s most powerful rocket — the triple-barreled hydrogen-fueled Delta IV Heavy — launched into the California sky from Vandenberg Air Force Base Wednesday morning, Aug. 28.  More »

A Counting Conundrum

Posted August 23, 2013

A U.S. government system to track objects in space is running out of digits, and a new system must be developed to fix the problem.  More »

Delta IV Delivers Sixth WGS Satellite

Posted August 12, 2013

A Delta IV rocket launched into the dusk from Cape Canaveral’s Complex 37 Wednesday, Aug. 7, carrying the sixth Wideband Global SATCOM high-capacity communications satellite.  More »

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