Innovations Highlights

Comet ISON Provides Look at Origins of Solar System

Ray Russell is an astronomer who has now worked at Aerospace for more than 32 years, and in that time he has consistently explored the intersection of scientific discovery and customer-serving pragmatism.  More »

Aerospace Explores Nanotube Applications for Space

The Aerospace Corporation is pioneering space applications for an exciting new technology that holds the potential to revolutionize several industries.  More »

Big Boost for Small Spacecraft

Picosats today lack reliable, affordable propulsion systems. Aerospace’s Teresa Moore plans to change that.  More »

Aerospace Stands Out With CT Scanning Facility

Within the space industry, Aerospace has become known as the “go to” organization for quick turnarounds on high quality X-ray computed tomography (CT) investigations and inspections.  More »

Searching for Life on Other Planets

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is a space telescope that has been designed with the specific mission of locating and observing the most promising Earthlike planets in our celestial sky.  More »

Cutting-Edge Sensor Flies into Earth Science

Aerospace took a sensor known as Mako on a series of test flights over California and into Nevada to collect data on industrial sites, agricultural areas, and other spots of interest.  More »

It’s Patently Amazing

Aerospace’s patent collection reached a milestone last fiscal year: Aerospace received its 500th patent on May 28, 2013.  More »

Aerospace Tests a Mars Lander at the Edge of Space

Aerospace scientists are designing and testing a low-cost vehicle for exploring Mars.  More »

Sometimes, Smaller is Better

Small satellites are all the rage in a budget-constricted climate and Aerospace has been on the front lines of this minimalist movement.  More »

Rocket Plume Analysis Ready for Takeoff

Aerospace scientists are among the very few — and in some areas, the only — researchers studying and dissecting the fiery plumes that shoot from the base of launched rockets.  More »

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