Whole Lotta Shakin’ Not Goin’ On

Aerospace scientists have developed an innovative concept that has the potential to reduce vibrations for torque converters in automatic transmissions  More »

Trio Wins 2015 Innovation Award

Winners of the inaugural Innovation Award received their trophies during a small lunchtime ceremony on Tuesday, April 28.  More »

Zero to 60: What’s Faster, an Atlas V, a Delta IV, or Your Car?

If you read automotive magazines, you know that zero to 60 – that is, the time in seconds it takes a car to accelerate from a standstill to a speed of 60 miles per hour – is a commonly cited performance metric.  More »

Countdown to Launch: An Epilogue

On April 20, the GPS IIF-9 satellite was officially set healthy and operational. It launched March 25 on a Delta IV rocket, but the story didn’t end there.  More »

Iris Jordan Receives Fourth Annual OPRA Award Honors

Jordan, administrative specialist, Mission Assessment, Missile Defense and Space Sensor Division, was presented the fourth annual Office Professional Recognition Award (OPRA) for her efforts  More »

Space Symposium Opens in Colorado (updated)

The 31st annual Space Symposium officially opened Monday, April 13, in Colorado Springs. As usual, Aerospace was well-represented by a leadership contingent that will meet with government, military, and industry decision-makers.  More »

Breaking Up This Instrument is Hard to Do

The first wireless Reentry Breakup Recorder built by Aerospace, which failed to reach the International Space Station last fall due to the explosion of the Antares launch vehicle, came home to El Segundo this week.  More »

Countdown to Launch: Take a Load Off

Aerospace performs a significant amount of analysis work for each launch that it supports, including the upcoming GPS IIF-9 mission.  More »

Countdown to Launch: It’s Showtime!

For the Aerospace men and women involved in a Delta IV launch, the actual day of the launch is like a final exam on steroids.  More »

Countdown to Launch: Blowing in the Wind

In an alcove next to the ground-floor bank of elevators in the Aerospace headquarters building is a locked door with the unobtrusive sign “DOL Winds” (Day of Launch)  More »

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