Space Symposium Opens in Colorado (updated)

The 31st annual Space Symposium officially opened Monday, April 13, in Colorado Springs. As usual, Aerospace was well-represented by a leadership contingent that will meet with government, military, and industry decision-makers.  More »

Breaking Up This Instrument is Hard to Do

The first wireless Reentry Breakup Recorder built by Aerospace, which failed to reach the International Space Station last fall due to the explosion of the Antares launch vehicle, came home to El Segundo this week.  More »

Countdown to Launch: Take a Load Off

Aerospace performs a significant amount of analysis work for each launch that it supports, including the upcoming GPS IIF-9 mission.  More »

Countdown to Launch: It’s Showtime!

For the Aerospace men and women involved in a Delta IV launch, the actual day of the launch is like a final exam on steroids.  More »

Countdown to Launch: Blowing in the Wind

In an alcove next to the ground-floor bank of elevators in the Aerospace headquarters building is a locked door with the unobtrusive sign “DOL Winds” (Day of Launch)  More »

Countdown to Launch: Raising the Rocket

Delta IV launch vehicles, such as the one that will boost the GPS IIF-9 satellite to orbit on March 25, are assembled horizontally and transferred to the launch pad, where they are raised into a vertical position and prepared for launch.  More »

Countdown to Launch: Shipping the Satellite

A flatbed trailer big-rig pulled out of the Boeing Satellite Development Center on Imperial Highway in El Segundo. The rush hour traffic on Imperial Highway had died down, making it easier to travel the short distance from the world’s largest satellite factory to  More »

Countdown to Launch: Ready for Review

As the GPS IIF-9 launch gets closer, it’s necessary to decide whether the rocket and spacecraft are really ready to go. To that end, the Air Force holds a series of reviews to ensure things are going smoothly.  More »

Aerospace Starts Pi Day Celebration Early

On March 11 at 3:14 p.m. (and 15 seconds) early career employees in D8 celebrated Pi Day three days early with a friendly pie-making (and eating) contest.  More »

Countdown to Launch: Wet Dress Rehearsal

The day a rocket launches, many tasks must be completed at specific times by both people and machines. To ensure clean performance on the day of launch, a rehearsal is in order.  More »

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