Social Conscience on Display at Herndon Science Fair

Students competing in Aerospace’s 37th annual Robert H. Herndon Memorial Science Competition exhibited an acute social consciousness in developing experiments and technologies that tackled societal and environmental issues.  More »

National Security Satellite Launches to Orbit

A national security satellite has successfully launched to orbit from Cape Canaveral AFS aboard an Atlas V rocket.  More »

Delta IV Lofts Sixth GPS IIF

A Delta IV rocket successfully launched the sixth GPS IIF satellite to orbit on Friday evening, May 16.  More »

Wanda Austin Receives Honorary Degree

Dr. Wanda Austin, president and CEO of The Aerospace Corporation, received an honorary degree from Spelman College on Sunday, May 18, in Atlanta, Ga.  More »

The Aerospace Corporation Announces General Managers in Leadership Transitions

The Aerospace Corporation has announced new general managers within three of its business divisions.  More »

Dr. Martin Ross: Expanding the Boundaries of Climate Science

Dr. Martin Ross recently published new research that dispels previous conventional wisdom about the influence of solid rocket emissions on Earth’s climate.  More »

Comet ISON Provides Look at Origins of Solar System

Ray Russell is an astronomer who has now worked at Aerospace for more than 32 years, and in that time he has consistently explored the intersection of scientific discovery and customer-serving pragmatism.  More »

Cybersecurity Challenges in a Net-centric World

The military has adopted an approach called net-centricity to offer better access to information and shorten decision-making cycles.  More »

Atlas V Lofts National Security Payload

A powerful Atlas V rocket has launched a national security satellite to orbit.  More »

Penultimate DMSP Satellite Soars to Orbit

An Atlas V rocket launching from Vandenberg Air Force Base Thursday morning, April 3, carried the penultimate Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) spacecraft to orbit.  More »

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