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Doing Business with Aerospace

Can we distribute or sell your products?
The Aerospace Corporation does no manufacturing, nor does it offer products for sale.

Can we offer you our products and/or services? How do we become an Aerospace supplier? 
The Aerospace Corporation obtains products and services to support business operations. We actively encourage and seek suppliers classified as small, small-disadvantaged, women-owned, and HUBZone small businesses. Our procurement personnel may consider multiple factors such as business experience, financial stability, technical qualifications, price, and delivery when awarding orders. Suppliers are encouraged to present innovative ideas and technologies, while continuing to emphasize price, performance, quality, and delivery.

Our Procurement Department will conduct and conclude all negotiations and has the sole authority to commit funds for purchases and to authorize the commencement of work. Procurement is centrally located at our El Segundo, Calif., facility. More information can be found at the Supplier Diversity Program page. 


Where can I submit a resume?
Resumes can be submitted on our Online Career Center. For information on how to use our Online Career Center, please visit the How to Apply page.

Does The Aerospace Corporation hire private contractors or consultants?
Yes, but typically private contractors and consultants are identified and contacted by internal Aerospace groups requiring their specialized expertise.

Does The Aerospace Corporation have internships?

Yes, information about summer internships can be found on our Summer Internship  page.

What are your current job openings?
Job openings can be found in the Careers section of this website. Openings are generally available at many of our corporate locations, including sites in California, Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, and other states.


How can I get a copy of Aerospace technical reports?
Requests for copies of Aerospace technical reports should be sent to the Lauritsen Library, or call 310-336-5110.

Please provide the report number, author, or title. You should be aware, however, that most Aerospace reports have restricted distribution requirements. Lauritsen Library personnel will be able to tell you more, should the report you want be restricted.

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