Reentry Data

The Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies has collected data from many sources to better understand the risks and issues involved with reentry debris. The information presented below is intended to promote a better understanding of those risks and issues.

  • Annual Reentry Data – A summary of the major object reentries for the last few years. This page includes summary information on reentry events.
  • Large Object Reentries – A table showing the largest man-made objects that have reentered from space.
  • Recovered Debris – Information on all of the recovered debris we know about. Think you may have something to add? We’re always looking to make the table more complete.
  • Analysis of Mir Reentry Breakup (pdf) – Analysis of the CNN video of the Mir reentry. The analysis determined how and when the space station’s individual modules mechanically separated from each other.