Object Description

Type: Vostok Rocket Body
Int’l Designation: 1979 093B
Launched: 26 OCT 1979 @ 18:12 UTC
Site: Plesetsk Cosmodrome
Mission: Cosmos 1143


Reentry Prediction

Predicted Reentry Time: 30 APR 2010 @ 17:36 UTC ± 35 minutes
Prediction Epoch: 30 APR 2010 @ 15:16:45.515 UTC
Prediction Ground Track:


Vostok Rocket Body


Ground track plotted at 5-minute intervals
Blue Line – ground track uncertainty prior to predicted time
Yellow Line – ground track uncertainty after predicted time
Orange Line – Earth horizon as seen from the reentering body
White Line – day/night terminator (Sun location as indicated)

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