Crosslink, Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Pushing the Boundaries of Space

Volume 15, Number 1 (Fall 2014)

From the Editors
Profile: Margaret Chen
Technology and Innovation: The Key to New System Development

The Aerospace Propulsion Research Facility

Think Big, Fly Small

The increasing popularity and functionality of small satellites has helped them move beyond technology demonstration and into the realm of commercial and governmental applications.

Design Study 1:  Microwave Weather Satellite

Design Study 2:  LEO to GEO Tracker Satellite

Internal Research and Development Spurs Advancement and Fills Technology Gaps

Aerospace internal research has led to real-world components that vastly miniaturize space environment sensors.

Crowd-Sourcing Space Radiation Hazard Monitoring

Aerospace Develops Instruments for Van Allen Probes

2025 and Beyond:  The Next Generation of Protected Tactical Communications

Developing affordable, protected, and interoperable Satellite communications systems are goals of tomorrow’s space and ground architectures.

Applying Systems Engineering to Manage U.S. Nuclear Capabilities

The Aerospace Corporation’s experience in program systems engineering and integration is being applied to nuclear programs for the  National  Nuclear Security Administration

Research Horizons

Strained Silicon Photonic Devices for Optical Modulation, Toward a Better Understanding of Electronic Discharge, Mobile Code and COAST: Potential Allies to Cybersecurity in the Cloud


Recent Publications, Papers, and Patents by the Technical Staff

Electric Propulsion at Aerospace
AeroCube 4C Delivers Stunning Photos
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