Crosslink, Spring 2010

Then and Now: 50 Years Supporting National Secuity Space

Volume 11, Number 1 (Spring 2010)

From the President

Their Memories Tell the Story of Aerospace.

The Formation of The Aerospace Corporation

Determined not to lag behind the Soviet Union, the United States embarked on an intensive drive to close a perceived missile gap and establish its dominance in space. To achieve these critical goals, a trustworthy and independent advisor was clearly needed.

The Original Board of Trustees

The Aerospace Laboratories: 50 Years of Science in Support of National Security Space

Much of the history of Aerospace can be gleaned from the stories of the laboratories, which have been abuzz with activity in support of national security space since the founding of the corporation in 1960.

The San Fernando Observatory

Initial Technical Programs in 1960-1964, Technical Programs in 2010

Launch Vehicles Then and Now: 50 Years of Evolution

The launch industry has come a long way from the risk-filled early forays into space to the well-orchestrated launches of today—and Aerospace has been there, every step of the way.

Market Forces

The Clean Pad

Military Satellite Communications: Then and Now

Military satellite communications have become essential to help the warfighter see through the “fog of war,” providing the United States military with assured global connectivity, even in remote areas with no communications infrastructure. The Aerospace Corporation has played a key role in developing and fielding these vital space systems.

Military Satellite Communications Fundamentals

Aerospace’s Role in Military Satellite Communications Acquisition

NASA and The Aerospace Corporation

For half a century, NASA and The Aerospace Corporation have worked closely to increase the scientific and technical knowledge base of the nation and establish the United States as a leader in space technologies and explorations. demands.

Highlights of The Early Days of Computing at The Aerospace Corporation

The progression of computers from mainframes to personal computers, and the programming languages and software that evolved with these advances, has greatly enhanced the way Aerospace provides technical support to its customers.

Aerospace-Developed Software

PCs: Preliminary Concerns

DMSP Instruments: A 50-Year Legacy

Aerospace expertise has been instrumental in maximizing the utility of the military’s preeminent weather-forecasting system.

What GPS Might Have Been–and What It Could Become

Civilian and military GPS applications have become so ubiquitous, they are often considered routine appliances of daily life. These applications might not have been possible if early decisions about GPS had been made differently.

Transit: The GPS Forefather

A Global Standard

Research Horizons

The Vapor Cell Atomic Clock
Advanced Visible and Infrared Focal-Plane Sensors
Lasers For Space Applications


Publications, Papers, and Patents by the Technical Staff

The Back Page

Life at Aerospace: A Look Back

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