Crosslink, Spring 2011

Emerging Technologies

Volume 12, Number 1 (Spring 2011)

From the Editors
In Brief
Profile: Henry Helvajian
Future Directions in Flight Software Assurance

Aerospace is helping mission planners understand and manage the risks associated with an increased reliance on sophisticated onboard software.

The Next Big Thing: Nanomaterials Development for Space Technology Applications

The ability to modify material properties and composite structures on the nanoscale offers intriguing possibilities for space system designers. Aerospace is evaluating nanomaterials and processing techniques that will directly affect future space capabilities.

Piezoresponse-Force Microcopy

Synthesis of Polyaniline Nanostructures

Developing Nanoelectronics for Space Systems

Nanoelectronic technologies offer promising capabilities. As the commercial industrial base is shifting toward their use, Aerospace is exploring how to harness the best of their features for space systems.

Design Hardening of Commercial Technologies

The A8 Research Center

Ultrashort-Pulse Lasers for Space Applications

Ultrashort-pulse lasers exhibit exotic, fantastic characteristics. Aerospace scientists and engineers are researching diverse applications that can take advantage of the broad spectrum and high power delivered by these devices.

The Emergence of Machine-Augmented Composites

Embedding simple machines in a polymer matrix yields complex materials suitable for applications ranging from launch vehicle fairings to golf clubs.

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos: From Concept to Application

Traditionally, engineers sought to minimize noise and distortion in system designs. Today, Aerospace scientists are seeking to explicitly harness these effects for useful engineering purposes.

Dynamical Systems


Qubit By Qubit: Advancing the State of Quantum Information Science and Technology

Quantum processing may provide the key to many computational problems of importance for national security space—but this same technology may pose a significant security threat if developed by potential adversaries.

Criteria for a Scaleable Physical Technology to Implement a Quantum Computer

Research Horizons

Plasma Treatment of Composite Adhesive Bonds
Preventing Radio-Frequency Breakdown in Satellite Components
Beyond-Next-Generation Access to Space


Publications, Papers, and Patents by the Technical Staff

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