Crosslink, Spring 2012


Volume 13, Number 1 (Spring 2012)

From the Editors
In Brief
Profile: Randy Blaisdell
Meeting National Security Space Needs in the Contested Cyberspace Domain

Growing concern over emerging cyber threats is shifting attention to mission resilience—the ability to operate through new and evolving threats in the cyberspace domain.

Wikileaks and the Insider Threat

Meeting the Cyber Challenges of Tomorrow

Aerospace researchers are pursuing diverse means of endowing space systems with the intelligence, autonomy, and adaptability needed to overcome a range of future threats.

Cybersecurity for the Nation’s Infrastructure and Financial Institutions

Cybersecurity Challenges in a Net-centric World

Transition to net-centricity encourages users throughout the Department of Defense to share information, but it also introduces cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Recognizing, understanding, and addressing these vulnerabilities are essential to successful transition.

Achieving Mission Resilience for Space Systems

Space systems need enhanced resiliency to ensure performance of critical functions and overall mission operations during a cyberattack. Aerospace is investigating various approaches to achieving such resilience for current and future programs.

Cybersecurity Testbeds at The Aerospace Corporation

Toward Space Cyber Integration

Cyber Protection and Space System Acquisition

Space systems will undoubtedly be targeted for future cyberattacks—but by focusing on capabilities, rather than components, developers can ensure that space assets will deliver critical functionality when it is needed most.

Laser-Scripted Modification of Nanomaterials for Supply-Chain Integrity

Secure Coding

The Risk Management Framework

Cyber Challenges in National Security Space

Tactics, techniques, and procedures used by the authors of the Stuxnet computer worm that attacked Iran’s nuclear program can be used by advanced persistent threat actors in attacking other targets, including national security space systems. Architects must consider these capabilities as they design and implement modern space systems.

Aerospace and the NSA Collaboration on Information Systems Security

The Aerospace Corporation has worked closely with the NSA since the 1980s to assess the security of computer information systems and space cryptography equipment. Today, the broader focus is on the protection of critical information and systems with the need to operate through potential cyber incidents.

Enhancing Customers’ Cyber Situational Awareness

Research Horizons

Independent R&D at Aerospace


Publications, Papers, and Patents by the Technical Staff

Cyber Terminology: Toward a Common Lexicon
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