Crosslink, Spring 2013

Envisioning the Future

Volume 14, Number 1 (Spring 2013)

From the Editors
Profile: Andrea Amram
Right from the Start: Mission Assurance at Program Initiation

Early introduction of mission assurance injects discipline into the development approach. Aerospace is working to ensure that measurable mission assurance products and deliverables are designed and implemented early in the acquisition lifecycle and clearly spelled out in the contract.

Successful Front End

Defining Military Space Capability Requirements for Successful Development

Policies and practices are evolving to ensure that new system developments are executable from the onset. The new approach emphasizes close coordination of
requirements definition and acquisition strategy development.

A Focus on the End User

Development Planning and Decision Support

Implementing a decision support framework in front-end systems engineering and development planning improves acquisitions for space programs.

Development Planning for an Overhead Persistent Infrared Program

The Architecture Design and Evaluation Process

The Aerospace Corporation conducts architecture trade studies to assess options and solutions to meet its customers’ space system program requirements.

Past and Present: Forging a Way Forward for National Security Space

 The Aerospace Corporation’s Role in Ensuring the Availability of Critical Technologies

Aerospace and a consortium of industry partners work to identify and mitigate risks
in the technology supply chain.

Parts, Materials, and Processes Engineering in the Early Stages of Program Execution

Standard Establishes Test Requirements for the Acquisition of Space Hardware

 Designing a Better Future through Policy and Strategy

Aerospace works closely with its customers to keep them informed of what is happening in the policy and strategy arena and how those outcomes may affect space system acquisition planning.

Top Future Policy Issues

Recasting Aerospace Support/Strategy Team

Evaluating Software Architectures for National Security Space Systems

A framework geared toward evaluating software architectures for national security space programs on the front end saves costs and minimizes schedule delays.

Evalica: Supporting Software Evaluation Logistics

 Research Horizons

Simplified Spacecraft Design Tools For Evaluating Architecture Concepts
Graphene Growth, Characterization, and Applications


Publications, Papers, and Patents by the Technical Staff

The Back Page

In Memoriam: Sally K. Ride, The First American Woman In Space

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