Crosslink, Summer 2009

Developing Responsive and Agile Space Systems

Volume 10, Number 1 (Summer 2009)

From the Editors

Mark A. Hopkins

Creating An Agile, All-Space Architecture

Aerospace is working with the Operationally Responsive Space Office and other defense organizations to develop a comprehensive space architecture that will meet urgent warfighter needs.

Open Architectures and Standards for Agile Space

Aerospace is helping to establish open standards for space, which can contribute to a more robust and rapid response to urgent warfighter needs.

Agile Space Launch

Aerospace has been providing systems engineering support to the Space Test Program, Operationally Responsive Space Office, and Air Force Research Laboratory, in an effort to rapidly launch and deploy satellites in the evolving agile space environment.

A Flexible Satellite Command and Control Framework

A standard communications infrastructure and shared services allow for rapid receiving and publishing of mission information using common message and data standards, thus enabling situational awareness along with reduced operation and maintenance costs.

Developing a Responsive Ground System Enterprise

Responsive space requires responsive ground systems. Aerospace is helping to establish a comprehensive ground system enterprise that can meet the anticipated tactical demands.

Building Miniature Spacecraft at The Aerospace Corporation

Imagine flying a satellite with a technology freeze date that was only six months ago. Aerospace has completed 11 miniature satellites for technology demonstrations, with an average design, build, assemble, test, and deliver cycle of about a year.

Research Horizons

Low-Power Electric Propulsion
Electric Propulsion Diagnostics and Modeling


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