Inspiring the Next Generation

The men and women who work for The Aerospace Corporation are part of a challenging and rewarding field and an industry that at 50-plus years is still very vigorous. Humans have achieved orbit, landed on and explored the moon, and sent spacecraft on incredibly long exploratory journeys to the planets, the sun, and the stars.

Part of our commitment to the future of our nation’s continued success in and access to space is to inspire new generations who will continue the work of companies like The Aerospace Corporation.

The Aerospace Corporation has made STEM the focal point of its education outreach initiatives. Through employee volunteerism, and student and teacher collaboration, Aerospace is focused on inspiring middle and high school students to consider careers in the STEM disciplines.

Our mission is to develop a systematic approach that will utilize the knowledge, skill, and expertise of technical volunteers, so as to promote the advancement of science and math education with our youth.  The ultimate goal of these partnerships is to encourage the prospect of cultivating future engineers for The Aerospace Corporation and the aerospace and defense industry.

Robert H. Herndon Memorial Achievement Competition and Seminar

Aerospace’s marquee program is The Robert H. Herndon Memorial Achievement Award, established in 1977 in memory of Mr. Robert H. Herndon, a former employee at Aerospace. In the mid 1990s, the Award was renamed “Robert H. Herndon Memorial Achievement Competition and Seminar.”

The main component of this event is a science fair in which high school and middle school teams are challenged to create innovative science projects based on scientific facts and principles. Essays by individual students may also be submitted in lieu of projects. A team of Aerospace employees judge the science fair and individual essays.

Students are encouraged to develop unique scientific or engineering approaches or questions, and to investigate and demonstrate their projects. This directed research, coupled with the feedback and judging of the projects by real-world engineers and scientists, serves to demonstrate to the students the application and excitement associated with STEM-based careers. [Read More]

STEM Programs

The Aerospace Corporation is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists through employee volunteerism. Our goal is to cultivate future engineers and scientists, and encourage them to someday choose a career serving the national interest.

The company supports STEM projects and programs in a number of ways, such as providing role models to demonstrate the value of a strong emphasis in science and math education. Students are often unaware of the exciting career opportunities available to them when they excel in science and math. Our employees enhance the image of those exciting careers by working directly with students. Our efforts are focused mainly on middle and high school students. [Read More]

Facility Tours

Aerospace partners with K-12 schools to provide on-site tours of our facilities. The tours are mutually beneficial for The Aerospace Corporation and the students and teachers. Tours show the students what the  workplace is like, making it more tangible and helping them envision what their futures could be. The greatest hope is it will stimulate an interest in STEM. Aerospace benefits by inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists, developing a solid intern base, and being viewed as an employer of choice for future graduates.

To learn more about Aerospace’s involvement in STEM, please contact JoAnn Apostol at [email protected].