Careers in Aerospace

Into Orbit

Careers in Aerospace


The space industry at 50-plus years is still vigorous. Humans have achieved orbit, landed on and explored the moon, and sent spacecraft on incredibly long exploratory journeys to the planets, the sun, and the stars.

We have achieved marvels with satellites in space: worldwide voice and television communications; precise navigation of planes and ships; weather forecasting; detecting, monitoring and surveying of Earth resources; and various national defense objectives.

Space research has achieved great advances in materials science—light and durable materials; computers and miniaturization; space physics; medical and pharmaceutical applications; and, in a less obvious arena, technical management. There is an ongoing critical need for trained, skilled, imaginative, and dedicated people in all of these fields.

The men and women who work for organizations like The Aerospace Corporation are part of a challenging and rewarding frontier. If you choose to pursue studies in an area of science or engineering, we hope you will consider applying your talent to the national space effort.

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