The Aerospace Institute

The Aerospace Institute serves as the primary educational and informational resource of The Aerospace Corporation. Its mission is to promote excellence in individual and corporate performance through continuing learning and knowledge sharing. By making professional development an integral part of the corporate culture, the Institute helps employees deliver maximum value to customers as they work to assure space mission success.

The Institute supports the corporation’s commitment to maintain and improve its world-class workforce by providing a great variety of learning opportunities and a broad curriculum of education, training, and personal development courses and programs. It also manages a full range of electronic and print-based information resources.

The Institute’s educational programs include technical education, business and leadership development, and computing skills instruction. The technical curriculum addresses core competencies in the application of space technology and covers a wide range of topics in space systems architecting, acquisition, and engineering, as well as the technologies and engineering disciplines associated with space missions and systems. Government customers are invited to take advantage of technical class offerings.

The Institute also administers the Library and Information Resources Center, home of the nationally known Charles C. Lauritsen Library, and the corporation’s publishing arm, the Aerospace Press

The Institute oversees additional outreach activities through its Corporate University Affiliates Program, an initiative that brings together Aerospace experts with faculty and students from participating universities and academic departments to share technical information and research advancements.

The Institute’s main facilities are located at The Aerospace Corporation offices in El Segundo, California, with other operating locations in Chantilly, Virginia, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Learning programs and library resources are provided to employees across the corporation. On-site classrooms and computer laboratories are complemented by a range of distance-learning applications designed to bring instruction to students when and where they can most efficiently use it.