Employee Learning

Rapid technological change and expanding customer demands require Aerospace employees to develop and maintain the highest levels of competency in a variety of engineering, scientific, managerial, leadership, business, computing, and administrative areas. In response to these needs, The Aerospace Institute has developed a broad curriculum of in-house and external programs, courses, and multimedia learning resources.

On-site Technical Courses

A number of technical orientations, advanced technical classes, and critical skills courses are available to the technical staff. A central component of the technical curriculum is the Aerospace Systems Architecting and Engineering Certificate Program (ASAECP), which provides more than 180 hours of classroom training along with mentored on-the-job training.

Multimedia/Online Learning

The Institute has also invested in computer-based products, video-teleconferencing capabilities, and web-based programs specifically designed or tailored to meet the needs for self-paced and distance learning. Computer-based courses are offered in corporate orientation and in engineering and science applications. Other web-based training applications focus on computer information technology and leadership and management skills.

Educational Assistance and Continuing Education

Tuition reimbursement, corporate educational assignments, and corporate study assistance are available to Aerospace employees. Programs for continuing education can also be pursued through organizations such as the University of Southern California Distance Education Network. Leadership development courses are available through the Center for Creative Leadership, the Defense Acquisition University, and The Brookings Institute.