Lauritsen Library

The Library and Information Resources Center is home to the nationally known Charles C. Lauritsen Library. Its extensive collection is carefully selected to support corporate activities, with principal emphasis on aerospace technology, physical and applied sciences, systems engineering, and business management. Online databases and Internet resources supplement in-house collections, which include more than 100,000 printed and electronic books, 145,000 technical reports, and 12,000 specifications and standards. The library and corporate archives serve employees at all Aerospace locations through a full range of research services.

Information analysts assist employees in selecting and using appropriate information resources in both printed and electronic forms; perform literature searches using a variety of traditional and electronic information storage means; provide training in the use of these tools; prepare automatic search profiles to assist library users in keeping abreast of developments in their field; conduct library orientation briefings; and arrange for translations of foreign language materials. The library also participates in interlibrary loan activities according to the standards of the American Library Association.

In addition to providing employees access to the resources necessary to accomplish their work, the Lauritsen Library also serves as the repository and archive for the technical reports and analyses the corporation produces in support of its national security, civil, and commercial space customers. Representing Aerospace’s corporate memory and encompassing more than 50 years of experience in virtually every U.S. space program, the Lauritsen Library is an invaluable asset to the nation’s space enterprise.