For more than 50 years, The Aerospace Corporation has been dedicated to providing critical solutions for complex systems in space. Aerospace provides expertise for military, civil, and commercial customers in all fields and disciplines of research, architecture, engineering, design, development, acquisition, operations, and program management for space and related systems. The corporation offers a unique set of competencies in those areas (see diagram below). The corporation’s unique depth of talent in a broad array of scientific and engineering disciplines, ability to provide objective analysis, and conflict-free status allows us to provide government leaders with the information they need to make the right decisions in space.

As the operator of a federally funded research and development center for the U.S. Air Force, Aerospace provides objective technical analyses and assessments for space programs that serve the national interest. We provide cost-effective technical options to solve critical development problems and help government manage risk.  Aerospace shares lessons learned across the space community and its collection of talent and knowledge is considered a national asset. As a trusted agent, Aerospace operates with no agenda aside from dedication to the success of the mission, defined in terms of performance, cost, and schedule. Aerospace’s reputation and credibility among government and industry alike ensure access to essential information. Controversial issues are resolved by objective analysis without conflicts of interest. 

From initial concept to final operations, our experts offer mature, independent expertise across the entire space enterprise. 


The structural diagram below illustrates how our integrated approach gives us the flexibility and ability to be cross-collaborative among organizations and to focus specialized expertise on providing the objective analyses and solutions to national security space and to programs of national significance. At the core, everything we do is influenced by our corporate values and our No. 1 priority — assuring space mission success.