Civil and Commercial Support

The Aerospace Corporation’s support of space extends beyond our role as the federally funded research and development center for national security space to civil space systems. Managing support to programs for NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is the main thrust of Aerospace’s civil work, however, we also serve other civil and some commercial space customers where our expertise can be appropriately applied.

The full range of the company’s capabilities can be drawn upon to support the needs of civil and commercial customers. These programs and smaller activities provide customers with our unique expertise and objectivity, and keep our technical staff invigorated with varied applications that keep them on the leading edge in their chosen fields.

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Aerospace’s Civil and Commercial projects are managed by the following customer categories:




NASA Roy Schermerhorn 310-336-0600
NOAA Mike Haas 301-713-0088 ext 165
Suitland, Maryland
Jim O’Neal 301-817-4675

Greenbelt, Maryland

Chris Wallisch 301-286-0452

Silver Spring, Maryland

Tim Hall 301-713-1055 ext 132
Commercial, International, Homeland Security Mark Rochlin 703-812-0659
International Business
Mark Rochlin 703-812-0659
Information Technology
Medi K Neyestanki 310-336-1975
Commercial Customers, Law Firms, Financial Institutions
Karl Baker 703-812-0614
Federal Bureau of Investigation Rick Cadenas 703-633-5540

United Launch Alliance Compliance

Chris Westbrook 703-633-5236
Remote Sensing
Mark Rochlin 703-812-0659
Department of Homeland Security Matthew Begert 310-336-2112
Raytheon, Boeing, Space Systems Loral, Japanese Business, Green Technology Homa Taraji 310-336-0201
Advanced Systems Acquisition Directorate Dave Brych 571-307-4291