SED Capabilities

Who We Are

The Systems Engineering Division (SED) is the focal point for systems studies and simulations of new launch vehicles, satellite systems, and their associated ground systems and operations. The division’s cross-program involvement ensures that a system-of-systems approach is applied to a variety of projects, from architecture development through operation. This involvement minimizes cost while enhancing reliability, development time, and performance. 

What We Do

Acquisition Analysis and Planning

Architecture and Design

  • Acquisition analysis
  • Cost and schedule analysis
  • Economic and market analysis
  • Engineering data analysis, integration, and mining
  • Architecture planning and support
  • System architecture development
  • System-of-systems analysis
  • System and subsystem design evaluations
  • Concept design and development
  • Advanced technology applications

Mission Assurance

System Analysis and Simulation

  • Acquisition and risk management
  • Systems engineering database
  • Product, process assurance
  • Risk planning, assessment
  • Ground systems infrastructure development
  • Human integration
  • System integration, test, and operations
  • Large-scale mission architecture simulations
  • Military utility simulations
  • Mission performance and optimization
  • Astrodynamics and constellation synthesis
  • Satellite navigation and geopositioning