Projects and Resources

Barriers to Progress and Sustainability of NSS Technology Advancement
Interviews were held with top executives from 20 companies representing a cross-section of the national security space industry and the responses categorized and analyzed to gain industry perspectives and insights regarding barriers impeding the advancement of technology.

Technology Based Cost Model (4Tec)
The Technology Based Cost Model is a prototype framework tool used to enhance the cost-estimating capability of future space projects and analyzing industrial base issues. The model consists of a technology-driven cost model that is supported by a substantial technology-forecasting element. The framework consists of utilities that are modular and can be used separately or as a system.

Identifying Space Industrial Base Issues
This paper examines the unique business environment and economic characteristics of the space industry, and presents key criteria and methodologies for identifying potential threats to acquisition program success within the U.S. space industrial base. The paper offers guidance to better identify industrial base concerns, and ultimately place the issue within a broader economic perspective.

Market Analysis of Selected Spectrum Frequency Bands
Analyzed the current and potential market for allocated services, identified key economic drivers of expanded usage of spectrum, and summarized the state of relevant commercial operators.

Smarter Buyer (Aerospace Institute Course)
The course provides an overview of financial drivers on the space industry, including government space business and the government space acquisition process from an industry perspective. Course material is from extensive interviews with senior industry and government officials, as well as current program information, economic research, and financial news. It provides the basics on the ties between international competition and the industrial base, Wall Street, corporate strategic planning, financial management metrics, sector and business development decision-making, and their influences on contractor program managers.

Quarterly Space Business Review
Provides quarterly and annual financial results and commentary of five major defense contractors. Also includes brief summaries of the significant quarter’s space launches and space industry news and events.

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