Ground Control System

GPS is more than just satellites. The system requires an operational control segment that comprises a series of monitor stations located around the world, a number of satellite uplink stations, and a master control station. The next-generation control segment, called OCX, is currently under development. OCX is an essential component of a fully modernized GPS. Aerospace is involved in every aspect of this effort, from information assurance and software management to the design and development of the next-generation monitor stations and the network that will support them. In addition to providing oversight and mission assurance, Aerospace is working on several initiatives to bring some modernized capabilities online in an early test capability. These will reduce risk to the full system and enable more rapid development of new user equipment.

While OCX is in development, Aerospace is working to exploit the existing control segment to the maximum benefit of the GPS users. This includes the implementation of new authentication mechanisms for military users and the testing of “flex power” capabilities that enable improved performance on some of the signals.