Innovation Highlights

The Aerospace Corporation is involved in working on some of the most cutting-edge innovations in the national security space community. Click on the links on this page to read articles about the results of some of the corporation’s recent research work.

Atlas V With Four Solid Motors Lights Up California Coast

An Atlas V with four solid rocket motors lifts off at Vandenberg Air Force Base on Friday, Dec. 12. (Photo: United Launch Alliance, LLC)

An Atlas V rocket launched successfully from Vandenberg Air Force Base on Friday evening.  More »

Small Satellites Growing Into Big Business

Kevin Zondervan shares results of Aerospace's CubeSat solid rocket motor propulsion efforts. (Photo: John Langer)

Of all the burgeoning trends in the aerospace community, the design and manufacturing of small satellites continues to maintain a relentless momentum, pushing the once-novel technology ever further into the mainstream.  More »

JAXA Officials Visit Aerospace

jaxa visit to Aerospace

A contingent from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) visited the El Segundo campus of The Aerospace Corporation to view some of the company’s advanced technology capabilities.  More »

Green Propellant Could Increase Worker Safety, Save Money

John Desain (left), and Brian Brady, were the leads on work Aerospace has done with NOFBX. (Photo: Elisa Haber)

Aerospace recently had the opportunity to work with an emerging class of liquid rocket propellants that could save the space industry millions of dollars and keep its workers safer.  More »

Aerospace Plays Big Role in NEXT Big Thing

Mark Crofton measures movements made by the NASA Evolutionary Xenon Thruster (NEXT) during testing. (Photo: Heather Golden/The Aerospace Corporation)

Aerospace, in partnership with NASA, is on the cutting edge of the next big thing in ion engine propulsion.  More »

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