Innovation Highlights

The Aerospace Corporation is involved in working on some of the most cutting-edge innovations in the national security space community. Click on the links on this page to read articles about the results of some of the corporation’s recent research work.

Comet ISON Provides Look at Origins of Solar System

Daryl Kim, left, and Ray Russell used NASA's Infrared Telescope Facility in Hawaii to observe the Comet ISON as it approached the sun last year. (Photo Illustration: Elisa Haber and Eric Hamburg/The Aerospace Corporation)

Ray Russell is an astronomer who has now worked at Aerospace for more than 32 years, and in that time he has consistently explored the intersection of scientific discovery and customer-serving pragmatism.  More »

Aerospace Explores Nanotube Applications for Space

Dr. Don Walker demonstrates how to use a piece of equipment that his team employs to work with nanotube technology. (Photo: Elisa Haber/The Aerospace Corporation)

The Aerospace Corporation is pioneering space applications for an exciting new technology that holds the potential to revolutionize several industries.  More »

Big Boost for Small Spacecraft

Research scientist Teresa Moore has spent years working on a promising new picosat propulsion system. (Photo: Elisa Haber/The Aerospace Corporation)

Picosats today lack reliable, affordable propulsion systems. Aerospace’s Teresa Moore plans to change that.  More »

Aerospace Stands Out With CT Scanning Facility

X-ray CT image of a small black garden ant. Bright region on right is a digital cross-section showing the exoskeleton structure. (Photo: The Aerospace Corporation)

Within the space industry, Aerospace has become known as the “go to” organization for quick turnarounds on high quality X-ray computed tomography (CT) investigations and inspections.  More »

Searching for Life on Other Planets

From left to right, Joe Gangestad, Randy Persinger, and Greg Henning. (Photo: Eric Hamburg/The Aerospace Corporation)

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is a space telescope that has been designed with the specific mission of locating and observing the most promising Earthlike planets in our celestial sky.  More »

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