Awards and Recognitions — February, 2016

Matthew Conway, Steve Frolik, Dr. Vinay Goyal, and Dr. Jacob Rome

“Computational Techniques for the Thermostructural Analysis of Composites,” authored by an Aerospace team, was named the 2015 ASME/Boeing Best Paper by the Structures and Materials Technical Committee of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The authors were Dr. Vinay Goyal, senior engineering specialist, Dr. Jacob Rome, engineering specialist, James Tuck-Lee, engineering specialist, all of the Structures Department; Matthew Conway, senior member of the technical staff, Fluid Mechanics Department; and Steve Frolik, systems director, Development Planning and Projects. They accepted the award on Jan. 7 at a recognition luncheon at the AIAA Science and technology Forum and Exposition.

The team developed new computational methods that integrated the structural and thermal responses to predict structural failure of high temperature structures. The techniques developed in this paper reduced the amount of work to analyze these structures from months to days and were used in assessing a flight anomaly.

Dhruv Patel

Dhruv Patel, member of the technical staff, Materials Science Department, was nominated by the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) for the 2015 National Defense Industrial Association Tester of the Year Award on Jan. 27.

Patel was recognized for his outstanding contribution to mechanical testing campaigns supporting the Alternate Launch Vehicles Program Office. Patel will now represent SMC in the Air Force Space Command Competition.

The Tester of the Year Awards are presented to outstanding individuals in the field of test and evaluation. They offer the Office of the Secretary of the Defense and each military service test and evaluation department the opportunity to select three award recipients for recognition as the Tester of the Year in specific categories. The three categories recognized are military, civilian, and contractor.

Jeff Laube

Jeff Laube, senior project leader, Civil and Commercial Launch Projects, was a member of the Exploration Systems Division Integrated Hazards Analysis Assessment Team that was selected for a NASA Engineering and Safety Center Group Achievement Award. The team received the award at the NESC Honors Award Ceremony at NASA Kennedy Space Center late last year.

Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews, senior project leader, Mission Systems, JPSS onsite office, was the recipient of the fourth quarter fiscal year 2015 Esprit de Corps Award for his leadership of the GOES-R Data Operations Support Team.

The Esprit de Corps Award recognizes individuals within the program, government, contractor, SETA, and FFRDC community that have positive attitudes, take on difficult challenges, infuse a positive “can-do” spirit into the rest of the organization, and inspire teams to solve problems collaboratively. This quarter, Andrews led the largest, most complicated, and longest duration Data Operations Exercise (DOE) to date, DOE-3.

In addition, Andrews’ GOES-R Ground Readiness Team (GRT) Data Operations Exercise Team received the Outstanding Team of the Year Award at the GOES-R Program All-Hands meeting late last year. This award recognizes the outstanding contribution of the team to the success of the mission leading to the “greener than green” Flight Operations Review. Throughout the past year, the GRT planned and executed several Data Operations Exercises and Ground Readiness Exercises that demonstrated the GOES-R Ground Systems readiness to process and distribute sensor data to the National Weather Service and NOAA’s Product Distribution and Access facility.

Tim Anderson, Bob Bitten, Debra Emmons, and Sherrica Holloman

The Aerospace Flight Projects Data Analysis support team of Tim Anderson, senior project leader; Bob Bitten, principal engineer; Debra Emmons, principal director; and Sherrica Holloman, senior member of the technical staff, all of Systems and Technology Directorate, has been awarded the R. H. Goddard Team Award for their “keen ability to provide analysis and insight into Goddard’s flight projects’ performance and provide value-added support without duplicating existing review processes.”

The Flight Projects Data Analysis support team serves as a customer resource to integrate NASA Procedural Requirement 7120.5, Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements, and program planning and control practices within Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) project management. The team acts as a clearinghouse to match existing resources to project needs, and has demonstrated excellence in analyses and reporting to improve visibility into mission performance.

Joe Cheng

Joe Cheng, senior engineering specialist, Economic and Market Analysis Center, was  re-elected to the board overseeing the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

For more than 35 years, SURF students have had the opportunity to be introduced to research under the guidance of experienced mentors working at the frontiers of their fields. Students experience the process of research as a creative intellectual activity from beginning (defining and developing a project) to end (presenting their results at SURF Seminar Day).

The board is a voluntary support organization consisting of individuals who are dedicated to the educational values of undergraduate research at Caltech, and who, through their advice, encouragement, and financial support, contribute to the vitality, continuity, and effectiveness of the SURF program.

—Gail Kellner