Team Recognized for Restoring National Capability

The fourth annual Aerospace Team of the Year Award was presented to the National Capability Restoration team. (Photo: Elisa Haber)

The fourth annual Aerospace Team of the Year Award was presented on Feb. 24 during a luncheon and ceremony in El Segundo. The award recognizes a team that has made significant contributions to the corporation or professional community.

Dr. Wanda Austin, president and CEO, presented the 2015 award to the National Capability Restoration team for “developing an understanding of the physics of a failure, and establishing operating constraints to prevent further hardware damage to a valuable national capability.” Details of the team’s accomplishments are limited due to the sensitive nature of the mission, but Cathy Steele, senior vice president of National Systems Group, shared some highlights.

“This multidisciplinary team was able to effectively utilize and integrate a number of different skill sets, resulting in a change to government operations that produced increased capabilities for the nation, while directly supporting our corporate goal of maintaining successful national space operations,” Steele said. “They have been recognized by the highest levels of our government customer base and within the contractor community, as well as being widely acknowledged by peers and management teams across the corporation.”

Dr. Timothy Graves accepted the award on the team’s behalf, commenting that the team’s depth of expertise is unrivaled anywhere in the world. “But it wasn’t just expertise,” Graves said. “It also takes the passion and dedication that the Aerospace culture breeds. And this team had that.”

Sixteen National Capability Restoration team members were recognized. In addition to Graves, the team included Eric Aamot, Jabin Bell, Dr. Walter Bloss III, Dr. Kathryn Brenan, Dr. Craig Heatwole, Dr. Aimee Hubble, Dr. Russell Lipeles, Keven MacGowan, Dr. John McHale, Dr. Samuel Osofsky, Preston Partridge, Enold Pierre-Louis, Dr. Robert Santoro, Gerald Trombley, and Michael Yonezaki.

“The Team of the Year Award has quickly become one of our most significant honors,” Austin said, “because it celebrates one of our fundamental strengths – teamwork – and also allows us to recognize the essential connection between teamwork and mission success.”

—Wendy O'Dea