Delta IV Lofts Sixth GPS IIF

A Delta IV rocket lifts off Friday, May 16, carrying the GPS IIF-6 satellite. (Photo: United Launch Alliance, LLC)

A Delta IV rocket successfully launched the sixth GPS IIF satellite to orbit on Friday evening, May 16.

Ray Johnson, vice president, Space Launch Operations, issued the following statement:

“I’m very pleased to announce the successful launch of Delta IV and its GPS IIF-6 satellite. The vehicle lifted off of Space Launch Complex 37 at the Cape right at the opening of the launch window at 8:03 EDT on Friday night. We completed a successful SV separation after a three-hour and 19-minute mission. The Delta IV flight was very clean with no significant flight issues. Congratulations to both the Delta IV and the GPS teams.

Now we need to turn our focus to this Thursday’s Atlas V/NROL-33 launch from the Cape. The Atlas team is at the Cape going through final preparations and reviews. Thank you.”