iWebinar Emphasizes Innovative Work at Aerospace

Rob Sherwood (head of table) speaks live as the featured guest at an iWebinar session. (Photo: Lael Woods)

What’s being done that’s innovative at Aerospace? What is the corporation doing to stimulate more innovation? And what does innovation look like, exactly?

The Aerospace University and iLab have teamed up to explore those questions via a weekly webinar.

“We want to give our staff a chance to hear what their colleagues are up to,” said Dr. Randy Villahermosa, iLab executive director. “The iWebinar is a great outlet for sharing innovation stories.”

iWebinar features a variety of subject matter experts who regale their Aerospace colleagues with stories of their innovative work.

On Aug. 16, for example, Dr. Siegfried Janson discussed his work on Brane Craft, an innovative spacecraft measuring 1-meter square by 50 microns thick, with a mass of only 81 grams.

Dr. Toby Case highlighted innovations in nondestructive evaluation on Aug. 2. Dr. Rebecca Bishop shared about uses for GPS other than navigation, Robert Lee talked about Bitcoins, and Naoki Hemmi discussed shock propagation.

All these topics and more are readily accessible for all employees.

“The webinar format helps level the playing field across the corporation by offering learning opportunities to any employee, regardless of their operating location,” said Dr. Thomas Spiglanin, the Aerospace University project leader who came up with the idea for iWebinar. “For those who don’t have access to Aeronet from their workplace, there is an audio dial-in option, but the recordings with slides are also available after the event.”