Message to Employees from Dr. Wanda Austin, President and CEO of Aerospace

As we start this week under a stop work order, I want to reassure all Aerospace employees that our corporate senior leadership is fully engaged with our customers to minimize the adverse impacts from this temporary and partial government shutdown. We are ready to immediately take action to bring people back to work as soon as we are permitted to do so.

The uncertainty of the situation makes this a challenging time for everyone: those at home who are not authorized to work, those trying to accomplish the work that is approved, and our customer and industry colleagues, all of whom are also affected. As the shutdown continues, financial and emotional hardships will exist. We are working to minimize the disruption and impacts with all the tools that we have available. Our communications will remain open and transparent to keep you apprised of the changes and updates to our operating plan.

It is vitally important that we maintain our focus on mission success. Thank you for your continued professional support and patience as we work through the issues.

Dr. Wanda Austin
President and CEO
The Aerospace Corporation