Center for Space Policy and Strategy

Charting a Broad and Sustainable Space Policy

Space is a dynamic environment. New participants, new opportunities, new technologies, and new threats are growing exponentially. Navigating this complex domain requires both experience and vision.

To better support our key customers across the nation’s space enterprise, we are leveraging nearly six decades of experience to provide a trusted, nonpartisan perspective on space policy and strategy. Our goal is to ensure that space policy decisions are well-grounded in fact. Our mission is to apply our highly respected technical expertise and unquestioned objectivity to help decisionmakers explore the full implications of any policy proposal.

Increasingly, the lines are being blurred between the public and private sectors and between international collaborators and competitors. If you need to steer a straight course through this shifting landscape, we can help you succeed.

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Policy Papers

Satellites operate in a vacuum; policymakers do not. The policy papers provide context and points of consideration for important space and technology topics.

The Outer Space Treaty: Assessing Its Relevance at The 50-Year Mark

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty. There have been many suggestions over the years regarding possible updates to the treaty’s provisions to recognize changes in technologies and circumstances.

July 2017

Updating National Policy on Commercial Remote Sensing

The current U.S. commercial remote sensing policy was not designed to accommodate the number, the increasing capabilities, the diverse applications, and the expanding array of global operations of modern remote sensing systems…

March 2017

Orbital Slots for Everyone?

Vast constellations of satellites bring greater risk for collisions and the creation of debris–and no organization is responsible for assessing how they may impact the broader space community. In a future world of megaconstellations, is the unregulated status quo sustainable?

March 2017


Connecting the Policy Community

The Center for Space Policy and Strategy provides opportunities for the policymaking community to share insights and concerns and learn about critical issues. Venues include educational seminars, panel discussions, and invitational networking forums. Educational opportunities include backgrounders and in-depth topical explorations at the classified and unclassified level.

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