Center for Space Policy and Strategy

Charting a Broad and Sustainable Space Policy

Space is a dynamic environment. New participants, new opportunities, new technologies, and new threats are growing exponentially. Navigating this complex domain requires both experience and vision.

To better support our key customers across the nation’s space enterprise, we are leveraging nearly six decades of experience to provide a trusted, nonpartisan perspective on space policy and strategy. Our goal is to ensure that space policy decisions are well-grounded in fact. Our mission is to apply our highly respected technical expertise and unquestioned objectivity to help decisionmakers explore the full implications of any policy proposal.

Increasingly, the lines are being blurred between the public and private sectors and between international collaborators and competitors. If you need to steer a straight course through this shifting landscape, we can help you succeed.

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Policy Papers

Satellites operate in a vacuum; policymakers do not. The policy papers provide context and points of consideration for important space and technology topics. Below are some of the recent papers, visit the policy paper library for all the papers.

GPS Transponders for Space Traffic Management

Onboard GPS transponders could dramatically improve space traffic management, despite increasing constellation sizes and decreasing satellite sizes.

April 2018

Space Traffic Management in the Age of New Space

The number of objects orbiting Earth continues to increase. This paper considers various approaches to the problem of tracking and managing the vast amount of active satellites and general debris.

April 2018

Public-Private Partnerships: Stimulating Innovation in the Space Sector

This paper explores the reasons why government agencies may want to pursue a public-private partnership and proposes a phased approach for strategizing, planning, and implementation.

April 2018

Cislunar Development: What to Build—and Why

Cislunar space remains a largely underutilized resource. This paper considers the possible applications for cislunar space and determines the infrastructure that will be needed to realize those ambitious goals.

April 2018

Alliance Rationales and Roadblocks: A U.S.-Canada Space Study

Using the U.S.-Canadian space partnership as an example, this paper explores various rationales for partnering, identifies potential barriers, and delineates key lessons and observations.

April 2018

Events and Media

The Center for Space Policy and Strategy provides opportunities for the policymaking community to share insights and concerns and learn about critical issues. Venues include educational seminars, panel discussions, and invitational networking forums. Educational opportunities include backgrounders and in-depth topical explorations at the classified and unclassified level.