Connecting the Space Policy Community

Connecting the Space Policy Community

The Center for Space Policy and Strategy provides opportunities for the policymaking community to share insights and concerns and learn about critical issues. Educational opportunities include backgrounders and in-depth topical explorations at the classified and unclassified level. For more information about these events, or to explore future partnerships, contact the center at [email protected].


September 21, 2017

“Space 101,” a rapid introduction and refresher course for space policy issues
Capitol Hill


July 14, 2017

Ensuring U.S. Space Leadership: A Panel Discussion
Cosponsored with the George Washington University Space Policy Institute
George Washington University


March 30, 2017

Space Policy for the Next Generation
Cosponsored with the Mitchell Institute
Capitol Hill club in downtown DC
More: Center for Space Policy and Strategy Hosts Inaugural Event

Advancing the Discussion

The Space Show
July 28, 2017
Jim Vedda discusses the Outer Space Treaty, the National Space Council, national space policy, and much more.


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