DoD Memos and Reports

DoD Memos and Reports

National Security Space Acquisition Policy (Dec. 2004)

Final Report of the Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on Acquisition of National Security Space Programs (the Young Report) (May 2003)

Under SecDef Memo: Executive Agency for the Domestic Preparedness Program (Nov. 1998)

Deputy SecDef Memo: Decision Memorandum on DoD Reform Initiative Directive #l1—Reorganization of DoD Space Management Responsibilities (July 1998)

Deputy SecDef Memo: DoD Reform Initiative Directive #l1—Reorganization of DoD Space Management Responsibilities (Dec. 1997)

DoD Space Program FY1998 Data Book (Nov. 1997)

Memorandum of Agreement among DoD, FAA, and NASA on Federal Interaction with Launch Site Operators (Sept. 1997)

DoD Space Program: An Executive Overview for FY 98–2003 (March 1997)

SecDef Memo: DoD International Armaments Cooperation Policy (March 1997)

Interagency GPS Executive Board charter (Feb. 1997)

SecDef Memo: DoD Policy on Blinding Lasers (Jan. 1997)

Memorandum of Agreement on National Security Space System Architecture (Dec. 1996)

Deputy SecDef Memo: Assignment of Responsibilities for the DoD Manager, Manned Space Flight Support Operations (Oct. 1996)

Principal Deputy Under SecDef Memo: Current Approachto U.S. Cryptography Policy (July 1996)

Final Report on the 1995–1996 DoD/NASA Cooperation Initiative (May 1996)

Joint Space Management Board charter (Dec. 1995)

Deputy SecDef Memo: Defense Cover and Cover Support Activities (Oct. 1995)

Under SecDef Memo: DoD Space Architect Responsibilities and Functions (Sept. 1995)

NASA Policy and Guidlines on the Use of Foreign Technology in the Reusable Launch Vehicle Program (Sept. 1995)

DoD Policy on Use of Former Soviet Union Propulsion Technology in Space Launch Vehicles (May 1995)

SAF/SN Memo: National Space Launch Policy Regarding U.S. Manufactured Launch Vehicles (April 1995)

Deputy SecDef Memo: Responsibilities and Functions of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Space (March 1995)

Deputy SecDef Memo: Establishment of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Space Acquisition and Technology Programs (Dec. 1994)

Report to Congress on Results of Foreign Launch System Comparison Study (Oct. 1994)

Space Launch Modernization Plan: Executive Summary (April 1994)

Assistant SecDef Memo: Policy for the Use of Commercial Satellite Communications (SATCOM) (Nov. 1993)

Ten-Year Space Launch Technology Plan (Nov. 1992)

Under SecDef Memo: Military Space Cooperation with Foreign Governments (Aug. 1992)

Deputy SecDef Memo: Delegation of Authority to Make Exception to Policy on Security of DoD Space Activities (Jan. 1992)

SecDef Memo: Formulation and Representation of DoD Policies and Positions on Space (July 1989)

Morandum of Agreement between the DoD and NASA for the Aeronautics and Astronautics Coordinating Board (Aug. 1988)

DDR&E Memo: Irradiation of Aircraft and Satellites by Lasers (July 1970)