Foreign Space Policies and Laws

Foreign Space Policies and Laws

Australia: 2016 Defence White Paper (2016)

Australia’s Satellite Utilisation Policy (April 2013)

Australia-U.S. Joint Statement on Space Security (Nov. 2010)

Canada’s Space Policy Framework: Launching the Next Generation (Feb. 2014)

Canadian Space Agency Act (1990)

China’s Space Activities (2011)

A comprehensive first look at Denmark’s domestic space law (May 31, 2016)

Convention for the Establishment of a European Space Agency (Sept. 2005)

European Commission: Space Strategy for Europe (Oct. 2016)

European Space Policy (April 2007)

European Union Space Industrial Policy (Feb. 2013)

Finland’s Space Strategy for Years 2013 to 2020 (2014)

France: Strategic Guidelines for a Space Defence Policy in France and Europe (Feb. 2007)

France: Space policy: Daring or Decline (Feb. 2007)

French Space Operations Act 2008: Unofficial Translation (June 2008)

The space strategy of the German Federal Government: Making Germany’s Space Sector Fit for the Future (Nov. 2010)

Iran’s “Statute of the Iranian Space Agency”: Unofficial Translation (Aug. 2008)

Japan’s New “Basic Plan on Space Policy” (Tentative Translation) (Jan. 2015)

Japan’s New “Basic Plan on Space Policy” Implementation Schedule (Draft) (2015)

Japan’s Policy System of the Basic Plan on Space Policy (Dec. 2016)

Space Security for Europe (July 2016)

UK Space Agency Civil Space Strategy 2012–2016 (2012)

UK National Space Policy (Dec. 2015)

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UK National Space Security Policy (April 2014)

Space Industry Act (March 2018)