Band Model Theory of Radiation Transport


ISBN: 978-1-884989-25-4

734 PP., ILLUS.

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About the Book
Band Model Theory of Radiation Transport presents a thorough theoretical treatment of all aspects of traditional narrow band model methods for radiation transport. The familiar bands consisting of regular and random line arrangement, as well as various hybrid and cluster arrangements, are treated. Closely related methods such as the exponential wide band and k-distribution approaches are also considered. Particular attention is given to optical paths with exponential-pressure variation (relevant to meteorological applications) and to optical paths consisting of two or more uniform cells in series (relevant to remote sensing applications).

About the Author
Stephen J. Young is a Senior Research Scientist at The Aerospace Corporation. He received his Ph.D. in physics in 1968 from the University of Alaska. Dr. Young was introduced to band model methods for radiation transport while serving as an officer in the U.S. Army at the Cold-Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, where he investigated the transport of infrared radiation through ice fog. He was later reintroduced to the subject at The Aerospace Corporation through association with Dr. Fred Simmons and research on the transport of rocket-exhaust radiation through the terrestrial atmosphere.

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